Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Predictions for this season

The bookies have us down for a 12th place finish, the pundits reckon 10th to 13th and the average prediction on the talkboards is for 8th or 9th. Here are the forecasts so far:

Sky Sports (Andy Clarke): 10th
The Guardian (Barry Glendenning): 12th
The Times (Joe Lovejoy): 13th
Daily Mail: 11th
BBC (Mark Lawrenson): Mid-table finish at least, possibly pushing for a Uefa Cup place.
Betfair: 12th

Below are the predictions taken from threads on some of the talkboards. I thought it would be interesting to compare them:

Bluemoon (registration required), Mancityfans, Citymancs, Wookie's Lair (reg rqd)

This month's 'Fish & Chip Wrapper Awards'

There's no shortage of candidates for August's Fish & Chip Wrapper Awards, but one person who won't be getting a nomination is Martin Samuel from The Times, who wrote this excellent article today. Here's an extract:

To read some of the more foam-flecked previews to the new football season, lovers of our national sport could be forgiven for thinking that on Saturday, arriving at the local stadium at the appointed time, they will be greeted by a nefarious cast of characters pitched somewhere between Fagin, Moriarty and the child-catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Pockets will be picked, evil unleashed and innocents dragged screaming to a fate unknown.

To listen to these pious sermons, sleaze, wickedness and corruption stalk our land, disguised as 22 men and a ball. This has been a summer of disgust and disgrace, infamy and injustice and many other adjectives with prefixes indicating negativity that fit tidily into headlines.

Still, it could be worse. We could be following tennis. Or cycling. Or motor racing. Or cricket. Or athletics. Is it only football that is dodgy? Do me a favour.

Samuel also points out that asking why Thaksin did not fall foul of the Premier League’s fit and proper persons is waste of time as to fail him 'would represent a legal judgment in excess of any supported by the British Government'.

A newspaper columnist talking sense about City and Thaksin? Sack this man now.

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1 comment:

Kinky by name said...

e-mail sent to Daily/Sunday Mirror sports editors:

Not that you probably give a monkey's, but if you care to take a look at the many Manchester City websites and blogs, you'll find a strong anti-Daily and Sunday Mirror backlash among fans there, engendered of course, by your papers' pointless anti-City articles and stance.

Just pleased to see that many fans are now taking positive action and boycotting MGN papers and while it may not cause your staff too many sleepless nights, it all helps when it comes to seeing those ABC figures of yours sinking even lower than your standards.

Anyway, congratulations are in order, your papers are now even less well regarded than they were when Piers Morgan was around ... a startling achievement even for you.

Keep churning out your pro-London, pro-Manchester United nonsense and you'll continue to lose readers hand-over-fist up in this neck of the woods, something that will not be lost on advertisers, I'm sure.

Rabid reactionary? Not at all. Just a fan, old and daft enough to still buy newspapers, and who can tell the difference between good journalism and lazy, cliche-ridden drivel.

Probably hurt your reporter very much today that (s)he'll have to file on Sven's success - though it'll probably be aimed at WHU's failings rather than anything positive for the Blues, but don't worry, it won't be long before things get back to normal and you can, once again, revert to type.

I'm glad to say that it appears you're rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic at the Mirror - and you're even making a bit of a balls of that, too.