Thursday, September 20, 2007

How we compare to last season (or rather, how we don't)

I thought it would be interesting to make some like-for-like comparisons with last season to get an idea of how much progress we've made so far.

After the first six games of last season we had six points and a goal difference of -3. But comparing the results to the corresponding fixtures reveals that we're already eight points better off with a goal difference up by +9.

Here's how the results so far compare to same fixtures from last season (the result against Derby has been compared to the Watford fixture, though Sheffield United would also have been a good comparison as they got the same result as Watford at Eastlands last season):

Villa home: W 1-0 (last season L 2-0)
Blackburn away: L 1-0 (L 4-2)
Arsenal away: L 1-0 (L 3-1)
United home: W 1-0 (L 1-0)
Derby home: W 1-0 (D 0-0)
W Ham away: W 2-0 (W 1-0).

This season: 12pts / F5 / A2 / +3GD
Last season: 4pts / F4 / A10 / -6GD

A look at the player ratings so far gives another good indication of the progress that's been made. Below are the average ratings taken from scores given on talkboards and in the media:

And here are the ratings from the first six games of last season:

The most striking difference has to be the performances of Hamann, whose average rating for the whole of last season was just 5.6 - making him the third worst ranked player last year (last season's squad ratings here).

Maybe he's the best indicator so far of the Sven-effect.

~ If you haven't already visited, the Daily Telegraph has the most comprehensive match and player stats available online. For detailed player stats click here and for a graphic for each game that breaks down passes and tackles and shows who passed to whom, click on the following links and trawl to the bottom of the page there: v Villa; v Blackburn; v Arsenal; v United; v Derby.

~ City players are still showing up well in the Actim Index, though some of the ratings are pretty curious. Not only is Garrido currently ranked the 25th with Richards only 37th, but I refused point blank to believe that Antoine Sibierski is currently the 6th best player in the Premiership.

Who's the Daddy?

What a week it's been for our new midfield bad-boy.

First he kills off two grandmothers to get off work, then he slags off his job and bares his a arse on a social networking site. And the result is a new five-year contract and a bumper pay-rise.

Stephen Ireland is my new hero.

Purelymancity online store opens

The Purelymancity store is now open for business.

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Anonymous said...

That was an interesting piece of analysis. The only comment I would make is that 3 of those games from last season (Arsenal, man u, and Villa) all came in our worst patch of form towards the end of the season so perhaps that skews the comparison somewhat?

Last season we won all but one of the games in which we took a lead, and I expect that to continue this season. Of course, the downside was that we couldn't come from behind, and I think that will be our weakness again this season. The difference is that this season with our better passing and creative players we'll take the lead more often.


Andrew said...

Hi Phil

Good points.

I suspect that Bojinov's injury might prove to be a key factor this season unless we sign another striker in January.