Thursday, November 29, 2007

A closer look at our attendance figures

City's attendances are up by an average 5.5% so far this season - or 2,193 fans per game.

The table (below) shows how our average attendances have compared to other Premiership clubs since 2003-04 (seasons in the Championship are in italics):

Comparing this season's attendances to the first eight games from last season gives an even bigger increase. Last season's fixtures against Portsmouth, Arsenal, West Ham, Sheff Utd, Boro, Newcastle, Fulham and Watford attracted an average gate of 38,770, which means we've been attracting an extra 3,420 fans per game so far (an increase of 8.8%).

Another way to look at the figures is to make a fixture-by-fixture comparison with last season:

Overall, if you compare the Derby, Birmingham and Sunderland attendances to last season's fixtures against relegated Watford (35,915), Sheff Utd (42,192) and Charlton (41,424) attendances are up by 1,747 fans per game - an increase of 4.3% per game.

The variation in kick-off times makes a proper comparison tricky though. In fact, only the Reading match kicked off on the same day and time as last season. That game attracted 5,137 more fans than last year (a 13% increase), though that has to be put in the context of the free transport Reading offered to its fans and the reports of tickets being given away to members of Manchester's Thai community.

To get an idea of the effect that the day and time of a match has on attendances here's a breakdown of the fixtures for the past four seasons. The + / - figure shows how the attendances for each kick-off time compare with the average attendances for the other kick-off times.

And here are the combined figures for the four seasons (derbies and holiday games excluded):

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blublublumer said...

I think a more significant stat is that our first eight home games this season was watched by 337,501 against 310,160 for the first eight home games last year an increase of 27,341 which represents an overall increase of 8.8 per cent.

Andrew said...

Hi blublublumer,

Thanks for that. I've added those figures to the story now.

I think which ever way you look at it the stats are pretty encouraging.