Tuesday, September 2, 2008

City are now the world's biggest transfer spenders

No doubt we'll get used to headlines like that at some point, but right now yesterday's news still hasn't fully sunk in for me. Anyway, below are the figures for the world's biggest net transfer spenders since summer 2007. Figures for overseas clubs come from

Here's our summer spending in detail:

And here's how our spending compares to other Premiership clubs. Figures come from The Times and The Telegraph and don't include signing-on fees. Profits from transfers are in brackets.

The next table shows how our spending since last summer's takeover compares:

And finally, here's how our transfer spending since the 03-04 season compares:

~ I'm going to be writing something about the Abu Dhabi takeover later in the week, but as an illustration of some of the unexpected difficulties it might throw up, here's a pic of our new trophy room first posted by Goats Tit at Citymancs. Looks like we're going to have problems getting that new trophy cabinet in with all those bundles of paper in the way.

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Anonymous said...

Its a real shame about Man Utd,not only did they end up with Berbitov,not being able to buy the league anymore,and City will surely buy their best players.Sir Alex has been seen in Glasgow selling the Big Issue.Alex Paul Dickov is still available.