Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exclusive footage of Moyes accepting the United job

Okay, it's not the actual footage, but I believe it captures the essence of the event.

I had to chuckle when, back in May, the news media lazily repeated United's PR line that the
club's new manager was "cut from the same cloth" as the winner of 34 major trophies. In reality,
Moyes is a draughtsman's son, who was raised in a leafy Glasgow suburb recently ranked the
7th-wealthiest area in Britain. He is a cotton and polyester mix, in stark contrast to Fergie's
course highland tweed.

Recently, while looking at this photo of Moyes's unveiling, the figure of Papa Lazarou - from the
joyfully sinister League of Gentlemen - sprang to mind.

In his 2000 autobiography, Managing My Life, Ferguson's recalls an incident from his teenage
years, when he attacked someone with a snooker ball and made good his escape. For the clientele
of that Govan snooker club, Fergie's Ray Winstone-esque moment taught them what many in the
football world would later accept: that he is the "Daddy".

You're my manager now, Dave

United fans were right to call Moyes the "Chosen One". He has been chosen by Papa Fergie, the
man who has spent more than half a century weaving a web of influence and control, from referees,
managers and agents to politicians and financiers.

What his plans might be, and what it will mean for both United and City, is a subject I'll be returning
to soon.

Click on the photo to watch the clip on YouTube 

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