Friday, January 31, 2014

Revealed: the Bluest parts of Manchester

City's 2012-13 annual report that was released on Wednesday (available here) is well worth a read.

They've included some great info-graphics this year (one revealed that there were nearly 400 media representatives plus 16 live-commentary teams for the Champions League game against Madrid at the Ethiad) but what really struck my eye was the map of Greater Manchester listing the number of match-going supporters in each area (see below).

The financial figures have already been pored over elsewhere but the main summary is we're now debt free, made a £51.1m loss for the year, and probably handed Mancini a shed-load of money when we sacked him. For those interested in the finer points of the club's finances and Financial Fair Play implications, this Bluemoon thread (whose posters include Prestwich Blue, formerly a spokesman for the City Supporters Trust, and OB1, who is an accountant) is worth a read.

The report also revealed that last summer's net transfer spend was £84.1m. After a bit of googling it looks like the individual fees (excluding add-ons) break down like this: In: Demichelis (£3.5m), Jovetic (£22m), Negredo (£20m), Fernandinho (£34m), Navas (£14.9m) Out: Tevez (£10m)

The Tevez sale resulted in us taking a £37m loss on the player (in 2011 I wrote this piece showing that we signed him for £47m) which, added to the £40m or more we paid him in wages over his five year contract, means that his 59 goals cost us roughly £1.3m each.

Couple of final things that caught the eye. Our new Argentinian centre half is listed as DeMichelis in the report but Demichelis on the official site. Bearing in mind that a great deal of care goes into compiling an annual report I'm guessing that the capped 'M' probably the correct spelling. 

And finally, the report announced that, as of 31 May 2013, the group's parent undertaking was 'City Football Group Limited'.

What, no 'Manchester'?

Note  the green rings bordering Trafford, like the armies in a game of Risk, massing to attack.

Money can't buy team spirit


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