Thursday, February 14, 2008

City are the second biggest transfer spenders in the world this season

Now that's not a headline I ever thought I'd be writing last season, but amazingly, here we are.

Below are the top 20 transfer spenders in the world this season. The figures are for net spending, so include the value of players sold. Figures for leagues outside the Premiership come from the excellent

City's net figure has been revised upwards since the summer, following the publication of the club's latest Report & Accounts last month. Although our eight summer signings are reported to have cost £41.4m, the official accounts reveal the real figure to be £50.6m.

That leaves a difference of £9.2m, which is probably the amount we paid in agents fees. According to this story in The Express, Jerome Anderson was paid between £7m to £8m by City in the summer.

Below are City's transfer dealings as reported in the media and on the official website, and excluding agents fees (loan deals are not included):

The fees for Elano, Petrov, Garrido and Barton come from the official site. Sky reported that Gelson Fernandes cost 9.5m Swiss francs, and and both put the Bianchi fee at €13m. There's an element of doubt about the exact fees for Corluka and Bojinov. say we only paid £4m for him, but I've used the €13m figure given by Zagreb's vice-chairman. Bojinov's fee was reported as both £5.7m and £6m and by and transfermarkt claim it was €8m (£5.4m), but as every other report has it at €8.5m (£5.7m) that's the one I'm going with. Miller's fee was reported on the official West Brom site, Benjani's fee is from the BBC and Caicedo's is from Sky.

Next is the breakdown of Premiership transfer spending for this season. Figures come from Daily Telegraph and The Guardian and Profits from transfers are in brackets.

And finally, to put our recent spending into some perspective, here's how our transfer dealings compare to other Premiership clubs over the last five years:

~ City slipped out of the world top 20 richlist for last season. Turnover fell from £61.8m to £56.9m in the year to 31 May 2007, largely due to a £1.9m drop in gate receipts and a £1.6m fall in concert revenue. But turnover is expected to top £75m this season, which will easily put us back into the top 20.
~ You can find more details about Anderson's involvement with City in this Guardian feature.


Anonymous said...

i thought tottenham would be higher... Bent/Bale/Kaboul/Boetang in the summer, then woodgate and hutton this window. suppose the recouped some with defoe sale and mido. look at sunderland!

Stefan said...
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Anonymous said...

for chelsea
how does 11+27=16?

Anonymous said...

> figures in brackets are profits.

The most amazing thing is Aresenal with a progit of 7.9 mill in the last 5 years and now sat with a 5 point gap (with the help of city 12 point contribution to the difference!!). It just shows how effective Wenger's youth policy is.

Would be interesting to see Wengers first couple of years to see how they compared with Svens - I'm sure he would have spent more in building the foundations as sven has(obviously adjusted for the transfer market inflation over his tenure).

It makes me even happier that the vast majority of svens signings have been young and up and coming players who are likely to hold or better their values. Makes perfect sense from a footballing and financial perspective.

Nice info. Cheers. Danny

Anonymous said...

It's -11 you numpty. What we need to learn is the lessons from Arsenal.
You needn't have a massive net spend to ensure success. Arsenal have sold players at the opportune moment. Wenger really does know when to get rid and he always buys the players he wants.
We should definately take note.

Andrew said...


Yeah, it's surprising when you look at a breakdown of transfer dealings. Often clubs you think are being big-spenders are actually recouping a lot of the costs with player sales.

Hi Danny,


From memory I think Wenger spent big at the start then recouped a ton of money with the sale of Anelka and Overmars etc.

A 10-year transfer table would make interesting reading though. I've also been collecting historic wage costs and plan to combine the two sets of figures as soon as I get all the info.

Anonymous said...

Well, that stuffs a sock in Reinas mouth dont it? liverpool have spent more than manu over past 5 yrs.