Saturday, February 15, 2014

How City's spending compares to Chelsea's

I really shouldn't respond to Jose Mourinho's trolling about Chelsea being a "little horse" compared to City, but after crunching a few numbers the comparative spend of the two clubs makes interesting reading.

Since Chelsea got rich, the club has spent nearly £2.1billion on wages and transfers. City have spent nearly £1.5billion over the same period.

That "little horse" has some appetite, it seems.

The figures below are from a variety of sources, including transfermarkt and City's net transfer figures are from my own research. I'll be putting a full breakdown of City's transfer dealings on this site at a later date.

I came across another interesting set of statistics from the excellent Pay As You Play: The True Price of Success in the Premier League Era. The authors have weighted Premier League transfer deals to show what they would be worth in the current market.

It's worth noting that 14 of the 30 most expensive signings were made by Chelsea, while only two were made by City (though Tevez, who actually cost £47m, should be listed at the most expensive Premier League signing).

Your loss is their Gain

I know that the terms "trading loss" and "Manchester City" have now become synonymous, but the club are really taking things too far with its new partnership deal with, who offer customers the chance to trade on foreign exchanges from the comfort of their living room.

  The worst Top Trumps card you'll ever see
The partnership was unveiled on the official website yesterday, with a bizarre video of research director Kathleen Brooks attempting to persuade a bemused-looking Vincent Company that foreign exchange trading is just like football.

Except that is isn't. Not by a long chalk.

Betting on fluctuating currency prices is best left to highly-paid professionals, who use algorithms way beyond our (or their) understanding. These "trade from home" packages carry huge risks, and are often aimed at the desperate or the delusional. In the United States they are commonly sold through info-commercials at 2am, that are usually followed by a guy in green suit plastered with $ signs yelling: "Did you know the government is giving away FREE MONEY?!" is owned by New Jersey based Gain Capital Group. In October 2010 the National Futures Association fined the company $459,000 and ordered it to pay refunds to customers for engaging in "abusive margin, liquidation and price slippage practices that benefited Gain to the detriment of its customers".

The NFA also found that that Gain "failed to maintain records for certain unfilled orders, failed to adequately review the activities and promotional material of the firm's unregistered solicitors, and failed to supervise the firm's operations".

Mind you, there is one way that "trade from home" foreign exchange dealing is like football. As the website's disclaimer states: "Forex involves significant risk of loss". It goes on to say that "you should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary".

As someone who spent almost a decade writing about personal finance for the Daily Mirror, my independent advice is to avoid foreign exchange trading like the plague.

On next week's Pablo Zabaleta tells you how to get rich with multi-level marketing


Udeep Shakya said...

well the comparision is utterly wrong, because if you want to compare then you have to compare how much did the clubs spent after the new owner came. For chelsea it averages abt 208m per year, but its also noteworthy that chelsea lives on its own means. Where as City are spending abt 224m per year and they do not have the infrastructure chelsea have...

CiTyBlUe said...

Udeep is a moron anti City troll, avoid giving him the time of day like the plague.

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Anonymous said...

Man. City this year got very strog goup in Champions League.

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