Monday, February 10, 2014

To hell with recent setbacks, let's just laugh at United

I spent most of yesterday knee-deep in Opta stats, which were intended to form part of a post-mortem of our last two matches. The article would have been a detailed analysis of fitness levels and the correlation with injuries, complete with the minutes each City player has played this season compared to our title rivals.

But after taking a break to watch the United game, I realised that the gruesome death of their top-four hopes holds much more fascination (plus my whole thesis really just boiled down to the self-evident fact that our injury-hit squad have been playing far too many games recently).

United's appointment of a potless 50-year-old, particularly one who had successfully sued Wayne Rooney for libel, always had great comedic potential. But the sheer flood of laugh-out-loud moments has really become quite staggering.

From the Stretford End belting out "Are you watching, Liverpool?" after United took an undeserved lead against an injury-ravaged Swansea last month, to Moyes's recent "I don't know what we have to do to win" post-match ramblings (not to mention this little gem), it's a gift that just keeps on giving.

Yesterday was a particularly good comedy haul. Moyes celebrating like he'd won the league after United's second, then accusing his players of "mental softness" and proclaiming that "it's worse than I thought" are just some of the highlights. I also enjoyed this YouTube video showing all 81 record-breaking crosses.

But I'd probably have to say that this picture is today's winner.

For younger readers, the man in the wig is 1980s beat combo sensation Michael Hucknall

Not exactly holding back the years, is he?

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